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Innovation in Autoimmune Diagnostics

Developed at Vanderbilt University Medical Center and supported by funding from the National Institutes of Health, our diagnostic platform, IQ Isolate®, is both a process and a revolutionary technology that isolates RNA markers in a simple blood sample. IQuity’s peer reviewed research has revealed that RNA expression patterns detectable in blood samples of patients with autoimmune conditions, such as MS, and non-autoimmune conditions with similar symptoms vary widely. Our technology analyzes RNA data to determine whether a panel of genes is consistent with a specific disease and definitively identifies whether or not the patient has a specific disease or condition.

IQ Isolate® offers healthcare providers the industry’s most timely and accurate diagnostic capability to either rule in or rule out a suspected diagnosis at the earliest onset of symptoms and provide their patients with the answers they are desperately trying to uncover.

Our Tests

Introducing the fastest way to Yes. Or No.

Through a single, whole blood sample, processed by Diatherix, our CAP-certified Molecular Diagnostics laboratory partner, our testing process gives providers a tool that delivers an actionable result, shortening the diagnostic window from months or even years, to days.

Our First Test for Multiple Sclerosis Will Be Available in September. For Information About IsolateMS™ and How to Order call 256-327-9864.

Living with an Autoimmune Disease?

Getting the right diagnosis as soon as possible can mean the difference between immediate treatment of your symptoms and years of coping with discomfort. At IQuity, we’re developing leading – edge diagnostic tests that provide fast, accurate results.

Through a simple blood draw at your doctor’s office, we can help you get the answers that you need, fast.

Leadership Team

Dr. Chase Spurlock
Dr. Chase SpurlockChief Executive Officer
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Julia B. Polk
Julia B. PolkCOO/CFO
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Dr. Thomas M. Aune
Dr. Thomas M. AuneChief Science Officer
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Kathy Gill
Kathy GillChief Marketing Officer
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Drew Harmata, PhD
Drew Harmata, PhDDirector of Operations
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About IQuity

IQuity is an innovative biotechnology company developing leading-edge, rapid diagnostic tests that accurately confirm the presence or absence of autoimmune disease and related conditions at the onset of symptoms. This technology gives providers a new tool needed to achieve better outcomes and promote healthier living for their patients.

IQuity’s team is committed to changing the landscape for: providers responsible for patients’ diagnosis and treatment; patients suffering from autoimmune diseases; and payers who bear the brunt of the cost associated with diagnosing and treating chronic illness.

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