It is our belief that transparency is important to building credibility in the scientific and healthcare communities.

Our lab data analytics platform is built on the foundation of peer-reviewed research, developed over the course of more than a decade, supported by grant funding from the National Institutes of Health.

Our Science

Our Tests

Introducing the fastest way to Yes. Or No.

IQuity Labs offers a patent pending portfolio of tests capable of detecting the presence or absence of the most prevalent autoimmune diseases. Through a single, whole blood sample, our testing process gives providers a tool that delivers an actionable result, shortening the diagnostic window from years to days.

Our Tests Will Debut In Early 2016.

Leadership Team

Dr. Chase Spurlock
Dr. Chase SpurlockChief Executive Officer
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Julia B. Polk
Julia B. PolkCOO/CFO
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Dr. Thomas M. Aune
Dr. Thomas M. AuneChief Science Officer
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Kathy Gill
Kathy GillChief Marketing Officer
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Drew Harmata, PhD
Drew Harmata, PhDDirector of Implementation
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About IQuity Labs

IQuity Labs specializes in researching, developing and commercializing state of the art diagnostic tests for autoimmune and other conditions. IQuity offers an extensive portfolio of clinical services and product-based IP in the medical diagnostic industry, including a groundbreaking test for multiple sclerosis (MS).

IQuity’s team is committed to changing the landscape for: patients suffering from autoimmune diseases; providers responsible for patients’ diagnosis and treatment; and payors who bear the brunt of the cost associated with diagnosing and treating chronic illness.

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